Convenient parking for cruise passengers is available in the Northport and Midport Parking Garages. All Port public garages and surface lots are:

  • Well-illuminated
  • Security-patrolled
  • Provide handicapped parking with unimpeded access to crosswalks and elevators

For parking questions or emergencies, please contact USA Parking at: 954-468-3680.

Parking Fees

  • $3 for 0-1 hour
  • $6 for up to 5 hours, and then $1 per hour thereafter up to daily maximum
  • $15 daily maximum
  • $19 daily maximum for oversized vehicles (those that exceed the standard width and/or height of a parking space). Vehicles in excess of 20 feet in length cannot be accommodated.

Northport Parking Garage
The 2500-space Northport garage (soon expanding to 4,250 spaces) services:

Entrance: Turn south on Eisenhower Blvd. from 17th Street Causeway, or come east on State Road 84, entering the Port and turning left at Eisenhower Blvd.

From I-595, go east straight into the Port. Follow signs for Terminals #1, 2 & 4 and/or the Convention Center.

Midport Parking Garage
The 2000-space Midport garage services:

Entrance: Take I-595 east straight into the Port. Continue heading east to the garage on the left side of the street. 

Midport Surface Lots 18 and 19
Terminal 18 has its own 600-space surface parking lot adjacent to the terminal.

Parking Lot #19 is a 400-space parking lot is located between Terminals 18 and 19 is is used with Lot 18 and the Midport Garage are full.  The entrance is on SE 19th Street. 

Garage and surface lot are the same.

Disabled Parking
In 1996 the Broward County Board of Commissioners, acting under authority of Florida Statute 316.1959, elected to charge disabled patrons of the Port Everglades parking facilities the same fees as are applied to all other patrons; and that pursuant to Section 3 of Statute 316.1964, "When a state, county, or municipal parking facility or lot is being used in connection with an event at a convention center, cruise-port terminal, sports stadium, coliseum, or auditorium, the parking facility may charge a person whose vehicle displays such a permit a parking fee in the same manner and amount as it charges other persons."

However, pursuant to Section 8 of the latter statute, any vehicle with specialized equipment such as ramps, lifts, or foot or hand controls, for use by the person who has a disability, or any vehicle that is displaying the Florida Turnpike Toll Exemption sticker, is exempt from any parking fees in Port Everglades.

Here is how to request free parking at Port Everglades: 

At the entry of the Port Everglades parking garage, pull a parking ticket from the automated machine and get the attention of one of the parking agents in an adjacent exit booth. Advise that parking agent that you would like a disability waiver of parking.  The parking agent will telephone for a parking supervisor who will come to the booth and examine your vehicle to determine if the driver/vehicle meets the criteria for a parking waiver. The parking supervisor will inspect the vehicle to determine if a Florida Turnpike Toll Exemption sticker is affixed to it and/or if  the vehicle has specialized equipment and a hanging tag from the Division of Motor Vehicles verifying the equipment.  

When the parking supervisor verifies that a disability waiver of parking is allowable, the driver's name and address and the registration number on the sticker or hanging tag will be recorded on the parking ticket by that parking supervisor and the parking supervisor will sign the ticket. At this point the driver will be given the parking ticket and directed to enter the garage. 

 Upon exit, the parking ticket with the recorded information and the parking supervisor's signature will be surrendered to the exit parking attendant and no parking fees will be charged. 

Visit for information about the Florida Disabled Toll Permit Program and to obtain  Florida Turnpike Toll Exemption sticker.