master plan reports

2014 Master/Vision Plan

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Project Introduction

Phase 1

Element 1: Existing Conditions

Element 2: Market Assessment

Phase 2

Element 3: Plan Development

Element 4: Strategy Development

Element 5: Final Plan

Element 6: Plan Implementation



2009 Master/Vision Plan

Executive Summary (February 2011)

Table of Contents

Phase 1 (October 2009)

Element One: Existing Conditions Element

Element Two: Market Assessment 

Element Three: Plan Development


Appendix A: Outreach Meetings 

  • Environmental Stakeholder Summary June 2009
  • Environmental Update Meeting Presentation 

Appendix B: Recommended Alternative, People Mover Map

Appendix C: Airspace Obstruction Analysis of Proposed Port Crane and Vessels, prepared by Jacobs Consultancy

Appendix D: Existing Traffic Data

Appendix E: Cruise Projections (Table E-1 & E-2) 

Appendix F: The Local and Regional Impacts of Port Everglades, Fiscal Year 2008 Update

Appendix G: The Local and Regional Impact of Proposed Projects 

  • Eller Drive Overpass
  • Northport Parling Garage
  • Slip 3 Toe Wall Improvements
  • Upland Enhancements/Mangrove Creation Area 

Appendix H: The Economics of Cold Ironing

Phase 2 (February 2011) 

Table of Contents

Element Four: Strategy Development

Element Five: Final Master Plan

Element Six: Plan Implementation


Appendix A: Bulkhead Study Update and Cathodic Protection System Evaluation

Appendix B: Airspace Obstruction Analysis of Port Cranes and Vessels, prepared by Jacobs Consultancy

Appendix C: Order of Magnitude Cost Estimates for Projects

Appendix D: Automated People Mover Study

Appendix E: The Local and Regional Impacts of Port Everglades, Fiscal Year 2009 update

Appendix F: Order of Magnitude Bulkhead Cost Estimates

Appendix G: Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV) Calculating Tablets

Appendix H: The Local and Regional Impacts of Proposed Projects

Appendix I: Affordability Analysis Worksheets


  • Scenario 1
  • Scenario 2 


2006 Master/Vision Plan Report

The Port Everglades Master/Vision Plan was approved by the Broward County Board of County 
Commissioners on December 4, 2007, with the exception of those projects associated with the 
Southport Turning Notch and the extension of Berth 29.

Table of Contents and Project Introduction 

Project Introduction

Executive Summary

Element 1 - Existing Conditions Assessment - Part 1 
Element 1 - Existing Conditions Assessment - Part 2 
Element 1 - Existing Conditions Assessment - Part 3 
Element 2 - Market Assessment Part 1 
Element 2 - Market Assessment Part 2 
Element 2 - Market Assessment Part 3 
Element 3 - Plan Development 
Element 4 - Strategy Development 
Element 5 - Final Plan 
Element 6 - Plan Implementation  

Master Plan Appendices

Appendix A: Environmental Workshop Responses 

Appendix B: Preliminary Obstacle Clearance Analysis by Jacobs Consultancy

Appendix C: ROI and NPV Calculation Tables

Appendix D: The Local and Regional Economic Impacts of Port Everglades

Appendix E: Project Decision Matrix for Projects in the 5-Year Plan  

Appendix F: Project Order-of-Magnitude Cost Estimates

Appendix G: Bulkhead Order-of-Magnitude Cost Estimates

Appendix H: People Mover Corridor Report By Lea + Elliot Team

Appendix I: List of Acronyms

(For accessible versions contact Seaport Planning 954-523-3404 or email

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