For decades, gentle, herbivorous manatees have made theirmanatee winter homes in Florida Power & Light's warm discharge canal inside the Port. The Port participates in a variety of manatee protection programs to safeguard Florida's favorite defenseless marine mammal.  Read more 

South Florida Wildlife Center

Port Everglades provides 4.1 acres of land to the South Florida Wildlife Center for a mere $200 annually so this not-for-profit facility can treat and rehabilitate injured, orphaned, or imperiled animals before releasing them back into the wild.  bird in mangroves


Our new upland mangrove enhancement area is designed to attract native birds and other wildlife. Read more


A High Mast Lighting Pilot Project is testing lighting alternatives to reduce light emission to protect hatching turtles from walking the wrong way after birth at the adjacent state park. Besides a more focused light source which benefited the turtles, a 40 percent energy reduction was achieved while port security/safety required light level standards were maintained or exceeded. We are exploring additional LED light opportunities throughout the Port. The Port also installed shields on the exterior Midport garage lights to protect the turtles.

Shark Research

We are on the wait list for the ‘tag a shark’ donation program sponsored by the Guy Harvey Research Institute/Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation at Nova Southeastern University. Tiger sharks play a key ecological role as apex predators in many marine ecosystems, including shallow sea grass and coral reef habitats. Read more