Seaport & Convention Center Security Improvement Project
Currently underway, the Seaport & Convention Center Security Improvement Project will move the checkpoint at Eisenhower Blvd. south and carve out the Convention Center from the secure area of the Port, giving the public direct access to the Convention Center and alleviating traffic congestion.
Turning Notch
One of Port Everglades’ priority projects is the extension of the Southport Turning Notch, which will provide additional berthing space for cargo ships.
Channel Dredging
The widening and deepening of Port Everglades’ channels and turning basin will allow fully laden Post-Panamax cargo vessels and larger petroleum tankers to call at the Port.
The long-awaited Chief’s Report from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers clears the way for the Port to move forward with the next phase of the channel deepening and widening, which is Pre-Construction Engineering and Design.
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Guided by a comprehensive 20-Year Master/Vision Plan, Port Everglades is committed to on-going capital improvements that benefit our customers in the cruise, cargo and petroleum industries.

Please check this site often as information is continuously updated. Check the status of current construction.

Port Everglades is embarking on three critical expansion projects that are projected to create 7,000 new jobs regionally and support 135,000 jobs statewide over the next 15 years for a total 143,000 jobs. Currently, Port Everglades supports 13,322 direct jobs locally for a total of 224,054 jobs statewide. These key expansion projects are expected to be completed over the next six years and will add up to five berths, widen and deepen the channel to 50 feet and bring freight rail into the Port.

Intermodal Container Transfer Facility: On-port rail facility by Florida East Coast Railway - Completed

Southport Turning Notch Extension: Adding five new cargo berths - Design Underway

Harbor Improvements: Deepening and Widening the Port's navigation channels - Design Underway