BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Port Everglades was ranked the top exporting Foreign-Trade Zone in the country for warehousing and distribution activity in 2011, according to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board’s 73rd Annual Report to the U.S. Congress released January 2013. Data show that Port Everglades’ Foreign-Trade Zone No. 25 (FTZ) experienced a 68 percent increase in merchandise received during 2011, while exports from the Zone increased by 66 percent over the previous year. In 2011, merchandise received and exported from the Zone reached $3.7 billion and $3.6 billion, respectively. 

“Our FTZ leads the nation in the value of international goods handled through its facilities,” said Steven Cernak, Chief Executive & Port Director for Port Everglades. “The FTZ at Port Everglades already leads the state of Florida in meeting the goals of President Obama’s and the Federal Government’s National Export Initiative (NEI) to double the nation’s exports. We’re happy to be recognized as now leading the country in FTZ exports as well. Ports in particular are being targeted as a key component of this Initiative because of the expertise that seaport professionals have in foreign trade.” 

Port Everglades’ FTZ No. 25 is Florida’s first and largest, serving 75 businesses in its General-purpose Zone and supporting over 500 direct jobs in the local economy at 14 locations within Broward County, FL. FTZ No. 25 currently also has five Special-purpose Subzones at Port Everglades. 

“Our proximity to South America, Central America and the Caribbean makes it efficient to transport goods through our seaports and airports and re-export merchandise admitted to the Zone to these and other markets,” said Michael Vanderbeek, Port Everglades Director of Business Development. “Port Everglades’ FTZ is the most export-intensive Zone in the country, which reinforces our strategic position at the crossroads of north-south and east-west trade.” 

Businesses operating within FTZ No. 25 perform a wide variety of activities, including warehousing and distribution of cosmetics, purveying of ship supplies specific to the cruise industry, tools, automobile parts, petroleum, and consumer electronics. The county-wide FTZ program is administered by the Port Everglades Department of Broward County, FL and operated by NAFTZ member Robert Jacob. 

Port Everglades is the only domestic port that hosts a U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center on its premises, a testament to the key role that Port Everglades plays as a leader in exports. 

About Port Everglades 
As one of South Florida’s leading economic powerhouses, Port Everglades is the gateway for international trade and cruise vacations. Already one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, Port Everglades is also one of the nation’s leading container ports and South Florida’s main seaport for receiving petroleum products including gasoline, jet fuel and alternative fuels. The Port Everglades Department is a self-supporting Enterprise Fund of Broward County government with operating revenues of approximately $143 million in Fiscal Year 2012 (October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012). It does not rely on local tax dollars for operations. The total value of economic activity at Port Everglades is approximately $15.3 billion. More than 160,000 Florida jobs are impacted by the Port, including almost 11,400 people who work for companies that provide direct services to Port Everglades. More information on Port Everglades, which is governed by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, is available on the Internet at or by e-mailing 

About FTZs 
FTZs were created to provide special U.S. Customs and Border Protection procedures for U.S. companies engaged in international trade. FTZ-approved businesses can take advantage of duty-free, duty-deferred and/or duty-reduction programs for import commodities destined for the U.S. Similarly, by using an FTZ, such as Broward County’s FTZ No. 25, businesses that import commodities that are destined for redistribution outside of the United States can avoid duties altogether and implement effective economic solutions for cargo storage, merchandise manipulation and manufacturing needs. 

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