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Image of cell phone screens showing the five different steps to using the Mobile Passport App

mobile passport allows you to "sail" through customs

Mobile Passport is the first Smartphone app authorized to expedite a traveler's entry process into the United States. This free  APP, available for Android and iOS phones, will allow you to submit your passport and customs declaration via your smartphone or other mobile device instead of using the traditional paper method.

Only U.S. citizens with a valid passport and Canadian citizens traveling with both a valid passport and a B1 or B2 visa are eligible to use Mobile Passport.  

Note: Mobile Passport is not available in Cruise Terminal 18 and Cruise Terminal 25. Both of these terminals now use Facial Recognition technology.

Before You Cruise:

Before you leave home for your cruise, download the official Mobile Passport app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. You will need Wi-Fi service to download. You have one final chance to download the app before boarding your cruise ship. All cruise terminals at Port Everglades provide free Wi-Fi service, we suggest that you download the Mobile Passport app before you board.

After you download the Mobile Passport app, open the app and complete your profile with basic passport information for you and other family members traveling with you. You can either fill in the fields or scan your passport. Up to 8 family members can be included on each "new trip." Add photos to each profile using your smartphone camera.

Download Mobile Passport for Android devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.)

Download Mobile Passport for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.)

When you return to Port Everglades after your cruise:

  • Open the Mobile Passport app and complete the “NEW TRIP” section. You can do this up to 4 hours before debarking the ship. You will not need Wi-Fi 
  • Select “Cruise Port” as your mode of entry into the U.S.
  • Select the family/passengers you are traveling with (it is very important that you select the names of everyone in your party that will be processed on this single Customs declaration) 
  • Choose “Port Everglades” as your Port of Entry
  • Select your cruise line
  • Select your terminal
  • Answer the standard Customs declaration questions

It is now time to "submit your declaration." It is very important to review the information you provided for accuracy. Users are only given one opportunity to submit their information to U.S. Customs. If there is a typo or incorrect information, the declaration will be rejected. Also, double-check that everyone in your party's name has been selected before you submit. 

  • After reviewing, click SUBMIT NOW
  • A digital bar-code receipt will be sent to your smartphone via the app (bar-codes expire after 4 hours)
  • If your submission is rejected, you will be required to complete the paper Customs declaration and use the main queue for processing.
  • If your submission was successful, proceed through the terminal and follow the Mobile Passport Control signs
  • Have all passports open to the picture page 
  • When prompted by the Customs officer, place your phone with the digital bar-code receipt on the bar-code scanner and present your passport and the passports of other family members traveling with you (opened to the picture page)
  • Unless further inspection is necessary, the process is now completed and you and your party can exit the cruise terminal 

For more information on Mobile Passport Control, visit the U.S. Customs ad Boarder protection website at cbp.gov.travel, or Airside Mobile, Inc., the app development company, at mobilepassport.us.

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