Crane Infrastructure Improvements

To meet the demand for increased cargo, Port Everglades is adding six new Super Post-Panamax Gantry Cranes and upgrading existing cranes to serve new and existing Southport container berths.

New Cranes
The first three Super Post-Panamax Gantry Cranes were manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (ZPMC) in China at a cost of $41.4 million. They arrived at Port Everglades in November 2020, and have been in service since March 2021. The final three cranes are expected in Late 2023 and will be put into service in Early 2024.

Super Post-Panamax Gantry Cranes (April 2021)
Super Post-Panamax Gantry Cranes (April 2021)

New Crane Rendering
 Reach & Lift  22 Containers Wide, 7 Containers High on Deck
 Backreach  35 Feet/10.6 Meters with Boom Fully Extended
 Capacity  65 LT/66 MT (Long Tons = 2,240 pounds)

The $77.5 million Existing Crane and Infrastructure Improvements Project – Started Spring 2018

Upgrades to the existing infrastructure includes:

  • 3,500 L.F. of new 120’ (36.5m) Gauge crane girders and rail for new ZPMC cranes
  • 1,500 L.F. of new 100’ (30.5m) Gauge crane girders and rail for existing Samsung cranes
  • Add/Upgrade Stowage pin and tie-down anchors
  • 13.2 kV power distribution infrastructure for new cranes
  • 1.3 Miles of new 13.2 kV FPL Feeder Ductbank
  • New crane power switchgear and office building
  • Repave wharf surface
  • Existing cranes enhanced to handle heavier loads, including twin-picks
Existing Gantry Cranes April 2021 Crane Infrastructure Improvements December 2023

Existing Gantry Cranes
(April 2021)

Crane Infrastructure Improvements (December 2023)

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  Construction(Crane Infrastructure)

  Feb. 2018   Dec. 2023