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weather alerts

Port Everglades follows U.S. Coast Guard regulations for operating the Port during storm conditions. This may affect cruise, cargo or petroleum operations.

When a storm is approaching, the U.S, Coast Guard determines appropriate hurricane readiness actions and when Port operations will cease. Landside operations, including the distribution of gasoline, may still be open while operations have been halted, but access into the Port may be limited to essential operations. Click here to access the general information Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) from U.S. Coast Guard that is published each May and describes each of the four hurricane storm conditions and related Port preparedness actions.

For a recorded message with the latest storm information, call the Port Everglades hotline 954-468-3509. For questions about Port operations, call 954-523-3404 and dial the extension of the division that best meets your needs. 


  • Cruise passengers should call their cruise line for updates regarding cruise ship departures. Click here for a list of  cruise lines.
  • If you are flying into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, it is important that you also call your airline for information on flight arrivals and departures before, during and after the storm. Operations may be interrupted. Click here for a list of airlines. 


  • Port petroleum operations may be interrupted in the event of storm damage to Port facilities or the entrance channel for ships.
  • Conserve gas by eliminating unnecessary driving after an emergency.
  • Retail gas purchases are not available at Port Everglades.

Petroleum operators at Port Everglades make every effort to have ample supplies of gasoline available to retailers before, during and after an emergency. Port Everglades has gasoline reserves of at least one week stored on site. Even when the Coast Guard stops dockside operations at the Port, landside operations, including gasoline distribution to retail gas stations, will continue as long as weather conditions permit.