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disabled parking

parking fee waiver for the disabled  

In compliance with Florida Statute 316.1964, free parking is provided at all Port Everglades pay lots and garages to disabled persons operating vehicles with ONE of the following qualifications:

  • Display a Florida Toll Exemption Permit as explained in Florida Statute 316.1964
  • Vehicle is modified with specialized equipment such as ramps, lifts, or foot and hand controls
    for use by a disabled person
  • Display the "DV" license plate - Disabled Veteran - issued under Florida Statue 320.084

Parking agents will not grant free parking for any other reason than the ones listed above.

To learn more about parking choices, fees and regulations at Port Everglades, click here.

For more information on disabled toll permits or to obtain a Florida Turnpike toll exemption sticker, visit the Florida Commission on the Transportation Disadvantaged website at dot.state.fl.us/ctd.

how to request free parking at port everglades:

At the entry to the parking garage or surface lot, pull a parking ticket from the automated machine and get the attention of one of the parking agents in an adjacent exit booth. Advise that parking agent that you would like a disability waiver of parking. The parking agent will call for a parking supervisor to determine if the vehicle qualifies.

Once the supervisor verifies that a waiver is allowable, the driver's name, address and the registration number on the sticker, license plate or hanging tag will be recorded on the parking ticket and signed by the supervisor. The driver will be given the parking ticket and directed to enter the garage.

Upon exit, the parking ticket will be surrendered to the parking attendant with all parking fees waived.