Port Everglades has on-site parking for cruise guests with two parking garages and several parking lots totaling over 5,500 spaces.

The port does not accept reservations or pre-payment for parking. 

There is special limited parking for oversized vehicles such as RVs, trailers and other vehicles that exceed the maximum height for accessing the upper floors of our parking garages. Call SP Plus Parking at 954-468-3680 for more details.

Convenient parking facilities for cruise passengers are:
  • Well-illuminated
  • Secure
  • Ample disabled parking with unimpeded access to crosswalks and elevators. Visit the Disabled Parking page for further details.
Parking Fees (garages and lots)

The following rates are effective October 1, 2023, for guests who enter the port’s parking garages or surface lots. 
  • $20 daily maximum
  • $25 for oversized vehicles, daily maximum
  • $4 for 0 – 1 hour
  • $8 for up to 5 hours, and fees for additional hours vary up to the daily maximum

All daily rates begin when you pull the parking ticket from the machine at the garage or parking lot.

For parking questions or emergencies, contact SP Plus Parking at 954-468-3680.

Heron Parking GarageHeron Garage

The 1,818-space garage services:

  • Cruise Terminal 2 (An air-conditioned elevated passenger bridge with moving sidewalks connects Terminal 2 and the Heron Garage, and is accessed from the 5th floor of the Heron Garage or the elevators on the outside of Cruise Terminal 2)
  • Cruise Terminal 4

Follow the orange directional signs featuring a flying Heron from any of the port's entrances. 

Palm Parking Garage

The 1,966-space garage services:Palm Garage

  • Cruise Terminals 19, 2125, 26 and 29
  • Shuttle service is provided between Cruise Terminal 29 and the Palm Parking Garage

Follow the green directional signs featuring a palm frond from any of the port's entrances. 

Parking Lots
  • Parking Lot A has 770 spaces and is located near Cruise Terminals 19 and 26. The entrance is at 2000 Eller Drive.
  • Parking Lot B has 404 spaces and is located between Cruise Terminals 18 and 19. The entrance is located off SE 19th Ave. 
  • Parking Lot C has 600 spaces adjacent to Cruise Terminal 18.