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Cranes Ensure Smooth Cargo Handling

Night CranesPort Everglades has an array of gantry cranes and spreaders that can quickly off-loaded and on-loaded cargo, including:

A full-range of mobile handling equipment is available through franchised stevedores, including:

  • container top loaders
  • yard mules
  • chassis
  • flatbed trailers
  • high-capacity forklifts

Around-the-clock, on-site equipment maintenance and an extensive inventory of crane replacement parts significantly reduce downtime.

Stevedoring/cargo handling and crane equipment businesses can be found in the Port Facilities Guide & Directory or by calling the Port Business Development Division at 954-523-3404.

crane specifications
cranes: 7

Samsung, post-Panamax, low-profile, shuttle boom
Electrics: General Electric 
  Maximum capacity and speed:

  • Rated capacity (below spreader), 46.5 long ton
  • Rated capacity, (under cargo hook), 57 long ton
  • Hoist unloaded, 380 fpm
  • Lowering loaded, 180 fpm
  • Lowering unloaded, 380 fpm
  • Trolley travel, 600 fpm
  • Boom shuttle time, 2.5 minutes in or out
  • Gantry travel, 150 fpm

  Principal dimensions:

  • Dock rail gauge, 100'
  • Clear height under spreader over rail, 106'3"
  • Overall portal clearance, 50'
  • Total lift minimum, 155'
  • Maximum gantry width (bumpers extended), 86'6"
  • Workable outreach, 145'6"
  • Minimum workable backreach at post-Panamax working position, 45'
  • Maximum boom width, 30'
  • Overall height limit above rail, 151'3"

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Cranes:  2

Paceco Gantry Crane
  Electrics: General Electric 
  Maximum capacity and speed:

  • Rated capacity (below spreader), 50 long tons
  • Rated capacity (below cargo hook), 58 long tons
  • Hoist speed at rated capacity, 150 fpm
  • Lower speed at rated capacity, 190 fpm
  • Hoist acceleration at rated capacity, 2 seconds (approx.)
  • Hoist speed with empty spreader, 360 fpm
  • Trolley travel, 500' fpm
  • Gantry travel, 150' fpm
  • Boom travel (up or down), 5 minutes

  Principal dimensions:

  • Dock rail gauge, 50'
  • Frame leg clearance, 60'
  • Total lift, top of rail to underside of spreader, 100'
  • Total lift minimum, 100'
  • Workable outreach, centerline waterside rail to centerline spreader, 135'
  • Backreach, centerline landside rail to centerline spreader, 75'
  • Maximum gantry width (bumpers extended), 95'
  • Total lift minimum, 100'
  • Boom stowed crane height, 270'

Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane
  Electrics:  Siemens Electric 
  Lift capacity:

  • 40.4 long tons under spreader in single lift mode to maximum radius of 135 feet
  • 49.2 long tons under spreader in twin lift mode to maximum radius of 118 feet
  • 100 long tons under hook to maximum radius of 75 feet

  Outreach: 167 feet from center of tower
  Lift: 154 feet from pier to bottom of hook


  •  4 Bromma Telescopic, 20'/40'/45'
  • 13 Bromma Telescopic, 20'/40'/45' Twin Pick
  •  3 Bromma 6 ft. Overhead Attachements

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