Media Access

  • Pursuant to local, state and dederal law, persons entering Port Everglades are subject to established security restrictions.
  • Port Everglades, a department of Broward County, mainly operates as a landlord port, although some companies own property within the port jurisdiction. Companies leasing property at the port have substantial authority over the property they lease, including allowing media representatives on their leased property. Access to leased or owned properties resides with the lessors or owner, company management or official media representatives from the company.
  • To visit the port, the media representative must be invited guests of a specific port business, tenant or agency, or be conducting specific port business.
  • Media shall only be authorized access to an area specific to their port business. Unauthorized roaming through the port is prohibited.
  • All media representatives requiring access to a port-restricted access area will be issued an appropriate badge and escorted by an individual with access to that specific restricted access area.
  • To cover breaking news or cover a story about the port, media representatives must contact the port's External Affairs and Marketing office at 954-523-3404 to make arrangements and receive instructions. After hours, call External Affairs and Marketing PIO at 954-802-4457 or the Broward Sheriff's Office at Port Everglades 954-765-4511.
    1. In a restricted access area (dockside, cargo terminals, passenger terminals and governmental facilities) the media representative must have a temporary port ID Badge issued at the checkpoints and,
    2. Be escorted by a restricted access area badge holder such as a Port Everglades employee, BSO deputy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection official or company officials from a private Port Everglades business.
  • Due to logistical concerns, television stations must receive approval from Port Everglades' External Affairs and Marketing department to park live trucks and satellite trucks within the port jurisdiction, and then may do so only in a designated staging area.
  • If an event takes place in a bonded area or other areas that have been secured by law enforcement authorities and that event is of interest to the media, the public information office of the proper agency must be contacted. The External Affairs and Marketing office will work with media representatives. However, final approval for access and/or information will be managed by the proper federal, state and/or local agency with the consent of the company (tenant).