Bulk and Break Bulk Cargos

Port Everglades continues to keep pace with Florida's construction and population demands by moving shipments that include:

  • imported and exported cement,
  • lumber
  • steel rebar
  • other construction materials

These commodities are demand driven, meaning higher volumes moving through the Port are a result of increased building in our area. 

Bulk cargo mainly consists of:

  • cement
  • aggregate
  • tallow
  • gypsum

Break bulk products are mainly steel, lumber and wood.

Historical Bulk And Break Bulk Activity

FY2023 FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019  FY2018
TOTAL BULK & BREAK BULK 2,020,795 2,155,616 1,882,890 1,413,275 1,840,024 1,664,298