Wetlands Conservation

Upland Mangrove Enhancement

A critical part of the Southport Turning Notch ExtMangrovesension includes replacing 8.7 acres of an existing mangrove conservation easement with a 16.5-acre upland enhancement of approximately 70,000 new mangroves and wetland plants as well as completing a number of environmental improvements in West Lake Park. Port officials worked closely with port users, the environmental community, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop the plan for the new mangrove habitat. Read more

West Lake Park

The port’s commitment to sustainable and resilient environments includes mangrove and seagrass mitigation for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Harbor Improvements project. The West Lake Park Segment 4 project includes removing exotic vegetation; improving primary flushing channels; and creating seagrass, mud flat, tidal pool, and upland hammock habitats along the east side of the park.  Timber riprap-filled cribs will be installed along the west bank of the intracoastal to provide shoreline stabilization.  The project, which builds on improvements made by Broward County Parks and Recreation Division and the Broward County Aviation Department, is expected to be completed summer 2025. Read more

Dr. Von D. Mizell - Eula Johnson State Park

This beautiful state beach is part of Port Everglades environmental legacy. The port donated approximately 25.6 acres to the state in 1977, and has since created 23 acres of wetlands, planted with 160,000 red mangroves and 7300 linear feet of shoreline protected by rip-rap comprised of native limerock. In addition, the port planted 6,500 native plants to beautify the landscape. Read more