Ask most folks in South Florida where their gasoline comes from and they'll probably respond with, "the gas station." What they may not realize is that the answer is "Port Everglades." The same place you start your cruise vacation.

Our Engine for a Better Future - Port Everglades Petroleum Facilities


Learn how the energy facilities at Port Everglades operate and how they help fuel Broward County's economy.

Keeping Florida on the Move

Port Everglades has a long history of providing energy products to South Florida. Today, one-third of Florida's energy requirements, including petroleum, are stored and distributed by companies located at Port Everglades.

Every day, more than 12.5 million gallons of energy products, including jet fuel, gasoline and propane, are delivered on tank ships and barges. Port Everglades provides energy products to 12 counties in Florida and four international airports - keeping the entire region on the move.

Behind the scenes, 12 petroleum terminals and pipeline companies operate within the port's jurisdiction, but on private property. These companies adhere to state and federal regulations, as well as the port's tariff.

The annual energy production level for the region in FY2023 was 129,915,243 barrels. Keeping up with South Florida's demand for gasoline, jet fuel and other energy products requires an ongoing effort. Port Everglades is ready for the future with its Master/Vision Plan.

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