Slip 1 Expansion Project

Slip 1 will undergo an expansion from a width of 300 to 475 feet by removing the northern section of Pier 1, and reconstructing new Berths 9 and 10 approximately 175 feet south of the present location. The Project impacts Berths 9, 10, and 11, and the west bulkhead between Berths 8 and 9, along with adjacent uplands facilities. A new bulkhead will be constructed to accommodate a 50 feet design depth by replacing the west, north, and east bulkhead walls surrounding and adjacent to Slip 1 including cathodic protection. Approximately 338,000 cubic yards of material will be removed of which approximately 80,000 cubic yards will need to be remediated to remove historic petroleum contamination.

The petroleum industry has constructed significant up-front improvements (new offloading and transfer facilities), which had to be relocated prior to construction of the project to support and facilitate the Slip 1 Expansion project. 

Slip 1 rendering

Slip 1 expansion will include a new manifold and offloading /transfer facility.
New Petroleum New Offloading and Transfer Facilities

Schedule Start Date End Date
 Programming & Design  February 2017  September 2021
 Construction only  TBN  TBN