Welcome to the Broward County Port Everglades Department investor website. This site is dedicated to providing individual and institutional bond investors with the resources they need to learn more about the credit of the Port and its borrowing programs.

The Port strategically evaluates the need for capital improvements based upon a demand-driven strategy that balances the deployment of capital resources with projected cash flows. Intermediate- and long-range capital investment plans are prepared based upon market demand, timing, costs, permitting, financing capabilities, and other factors. These plans are periodically updated to reflect changing events including the global marketplace.

Generally, the Port funds capital projects from a combination of operating cash flows, grants, and the issuance of revenue bonds. The Port continuously monitors economic factors and prudently manages its debt against realistic growth and associated cash flow expectations.

Debt statements, monthly revenue and expenditure reports, annual audits, master plan information, key contacts and more can all be found here.

We hope you find this website useful and you see this as the Port's commitment to provide continued disclosure to the investor.