Oil Spill Prevention & Recovery

In conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard, the petroleum industry and a variety of emergency response contractors, the Port has developed a comprehensive, ongoing spill prevention and oil recovery program. In addition, all underground fuel storage tanks have been removed as part of a Port initiative to reduce the potential for groundwater contamination.US Coast Guard spill prevention drill

Stormwater Run-off

One of the greatest dangers to water quality comes from a surprising source – rain. Our oceans could become polluted from stormwater that runs off the ground in industrial areas when it rains. The Port has implemented multiple programs, regulations, and drainage systems to ensure stormwater is properly collected and disposed.

Ship Regulations

The Port Tariff, the rule book that guides all vessel operations at the Port, prohibits certain ship activities that release waste and foreign substances into the waterways such as ballast water, sewage, petroleum produces and other waste that could harm the environment. Read more