Cruise Terminal 18

1901 SE 32nd St., Hollywood, Florida 33316

Aerial photo of Cruise Terminal 18 exteriorPhoto of Cruise Terminal 18 check-in counter area

Photo of terrazzo floor mural in Cruise Terminal 18


Total Square Footage:  259,370 sq. ft.
Baggage Laydown: 71,467  sq. ft. 
Passenger Waiting Area: 76,198 sq. ft.
Berth Length: 1,648 ft./502.4 m.
Berth Depth: 38 ft./11.6 m.
Simultaneous Embark/Debark 
6 Elevators, 7 Escalators
90 Check-In Stations
VIP Area
Free Wi-Fi
Vending Machines
Secure Parking in 600-space Parking Lot #18 or 400-space Parking Lot #19 

Public Art Installation:

First Floor 

Map of Cruise Terminal 18 first floor layout

Second Floor

Map of Cruise Terminal 19 second floor layout