Water Quality Update

Port Everglades is classified as a public water system because it is responsible for providing water at the port and ensuring that the drinking water provided meets state and federal standards.

We are required by state and federal regulations to test six water samples every month for bacteriological analysis. We failed to collect any samples during the month of October 2023 resulting in a violation. This monitoring is required by the Florida Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure the safety of the public water supply. Bacteriological monitoring determines the presence or absence of coliform bacteria, which may be indicative of potential bacteriological contamination which may result in adverse health effects.

Results of samples collected on November 9, 2023, were satisfactory.  There is no need to boil the water or use bottled water at this time.

For More Information:

  • Call Port Everglades 954-468-3509 or
    the Broward County Information Line at 3-1-1 in Broward County; 954-831-4000 outside Broward County
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    VIEW General information about lead
    VIEW Information about lead in water supplies
    VIEW Concerned About Lead in Your Drinking Water Flyer
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    VIEW Monitoring lead in Florida drinking water
  • Contact your healthcare provider

Public Water System Name: Broward County Port Everglades Department
State Water System PWS ID: 4061603
Date of Notice Distribution: 11/13/2023