Foreign-Trade Zone No. 25

FTZ Forklift WorkerPort Everglades is at the forefront of efficiency when it comes to distributing foreign and domestic goods. That's why importers and exporters consider the Port's Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 25 to be a critical component to their bottom line. 

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Tariff for Foreign-Trade Zone No. 25 (effective October 1, 2023)

View the entire Foreign-Trade Zone No. 25 Tariff No. 5 (PDF 257KB)

FTZ No. 25 Benefits Business

FTZ No. 25 is the first of its kind in Florida. Companies that operate within it take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Relief from inverted tariffs
  • Weekly entry savings
  • Duty exemption and/or deferral
  • Inventory controls
  • Supply chain responsiveness
  • Reduced insurance costs

From auto parts to cosmetics, businesses of all sizes can implement more effective economical solutions for cargo storage, merchandise manipulation and manufacturing needs. 

Business Activities in the Foreign-Trade Zone

  • Assemble
  • Clean
  • Display
  • Manipulate
  • Mix
  • Process
  • Re-label
  • Repackage
  • Repair
  • Salvage
  • Sample
  • Store
  • Test
  • Manufacture

As one of the Western Hemisphere's most accessible deep-water seaports, tourism and international trade thrive at Port Everglades. The Port's strategic positioning makes it the ideal hub for companies conducting business in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the Far East and European countries. Other FTZ No. 25 highlights include:

  • 81 acres of FTZ activated space and 25 designated sites within Broward County
  • Cost-cutting and time-saving computerized inventory control system
  • Fast-in, fast-out routes to major highways, an international airport and direct rail lines

The value of goods moving through Port Everglades' FTZ No. 25 exceeded $6.25 billion in Calendar Year 2019. Positively impacting profitability through saving incentives has made FTZ No. 25 a proven outlet for strong businesses to thrive and small businesses to grow stronger. It also offers the opportunity to:

  • Defer, reduce or even eliminate Customs duties on products admitted into the zone
  • Save on taxes and improve bottom line results
  • Expand in the United States and abroad
  • Boost competitiveness domestically and internationally

Port Everglades also operates several FTZ facilities in other Broward County locations.