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More than 3,000 cargo vessels move nearly 24 million tons of cargo including containerized cargo, break bulk, dry bulk and petroleum products through Port Everglades. As the busiest container port in the Florida, Port Everglades offers a full range of facilities and services for the cargo shipping industry. The Port's current facilities and planned expansions focus on transferring and storing all that waterborne commerce as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Current Cargo facilities include:

  • 324 acres of open yard storage space in Midport and Southport
  • 200 petroleum storage tanks
  • 300,000 square feet (27,800 square meters) of transit warehouse space
  • 1.6 million cubic feet of refrigerated storage
  • 400 reefer outlets

Additional facilities and equipment:

  • cement silos
  • dockside transit cargo terminals
  • convenient Foreign-Trade Zone with U.S. Customs-protected warehousing
  • 9 gantry cranes to assist with the loading and unloading of containers

Simplified Cargo Transfer
Many ships are equiped with their own cranes and unload cargo directly onto the Port's docks, waiting trucks or into "hoppers," large funnels that empty into trucks. Port Everglades also provides a variety of transfer methods:

  • cranes (lift-on/lift-off)
  • ramps (roll-on/roll-off or ro-ro)
  • special float-on/float-off operations for yachts, loading arms, pipelines and hoses for liquid cargo
  • pneumatic unloaders for dry bulk products such as cement

Whatever the cargo delivered, the Port accommodates shippers' requests.

open yard area
Site Acres Uses
Southport Terminal 155 Containers/Trailers
Southport Phase V (A&B) 38 Containers/Trailers
Southport Phase VI 45 Containers/Trailers
Future Development 271 Acres: Containers / Trailers, Warehousing, Intermodal Container Transfer Facility.
Midport Container Yards 44 Containers
Midport Mini Basin 15 Containers
Berth 29 18 Neobulk/Containers
West of Building 4 4 Containers
West of Berth 4A 4 Containers
Pier 2 1 Neobulk/Containers
transit Warehouse Facilities
Warehouse Square Footage Square Meters
6 17,500 1,626
roll-On/Roll-Off Ramp Facilities
Berth Location Width (feet / meters) Depth (feet / meters)
1 70 ft / 21.3 m 31 ft / 9.5 m
4 145 ft / 44.2 m 43 ft / 13.1 m
5A 145 ft / 44.2 m 43 ft / 13.1 m
18 43 ft / 13.1 m 38 ft / 11.6 m
19 84 ft / 25.6 m 38 ft / 11.6 m
33A 140 ft / 42.7 m 44 ft / 13.4 m
33B 120 ft / 36.6 m 44 ft / 13.4 m
33C 120 ft / 36.6 m 44 ft / 13.4 m
aphis - ppq authorized port everglades fumigation

F&F Fumigation Inc.
PO Box 21031
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33335

aphis -ppq authorized port everglades restack facilities

International Warehouse Services (IWS)
400 McIntosh Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33316

4300 McIntosh Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 

reefer and freezer

Port Everglades Cold Storage, a privately owned and operated refrigerated warehouse, is centrally located in the Midport area and offers more than 68,000 square feet of variable-temperature storage. For outdoor storage, there are approximately 400 reefer outlets throughout the seaport, primarily 3-phase, 480-volt, 60-cycle, 100-amp plugs. Call 954-764-1781 for more information.

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