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petroleum facts & statistics

annual petroleum throughput at port everglades

  FY2019  FY2018 FY2017 FY2016 FY2015
Barrels 125,874,463 123,404,236 122,307,652 122,68,234 116,856,258
Total Tons 17,769,697


17,260,304 17,095,585 16,518,067


florida counties served by petroleum products
moving through port everglades

Map of Florida counties serve by petroleum products from Port Everglades  


petroleum product breakdown 
FY 2019 vs. FY 2018

Source: Port Everglades Department

Product FY2019 FY2018 %Change
 Asphalt  554,200  697,575  -21%
 Aviation Gasoline  236,933  226,216  5%
 Diesel Fuel  16,284,815  16,300,246  0%
 Fuel Oil  2,731,420  2,688,290  2%
 Gasoline  63,514,312  61,283,620  4%
 Jet Fuel  34,191,797  33,983,580  1%
 Propane  396,577  409,537  -3%
 Crude Oil (Loaded)  402,029  540,650  -26%
 Ethanol (Vessel)  1,533,784  2,084,580  -26%
 Ethanol (Truck/Rail)  5,894,066  5,113,427  15%
 Truck/Rail - Other  134,432  166,515  -19%
Total  125,874,463  123,404,236  2%


petroleum storage capacity

Image of Petroleum Storage Capacity graph

petroleum countries of origin

This map indicated the foreign sources for petroleum including Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America.

gulf coast supply origins

Image of map showing the Gulf Coast of USA ports of origin for petroleum

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